Mixed Media Paintings & Drawings Pictures Sculptures [Curriculum]


Juan Garaizabal (b. Madrid, 1971) is a conceptual artist specializing in the creation and transformation of interactive spaces as a means of artistic communication. He has experimented throughout his creative career with different areas. An inventor, educated in drawing and with a degree in management, he began in the 1990’s to turn garages, warehouses, bunkers, and any kind of places into lofts, when there was no such concept in Spain. To furnish them, he began to enlarge the format of his drawings and installations, and this process of gradual enlargement –still in progress– led him in 2005 to unveil his first public work: he conceived a humanizing settlement of the landscape by means of an outdoor installation, using grand format fixtures created in the workshop of the furniture designer Claudia Stilianopoulos. This gave way to a conceptual installation which would intervene in important public spaces in Barcelona and San Sebastian in 2005, in Santander in 2006, in Gijon in 2007, and in that same year at “La Noche en Blanco” in Madrid, using light as a main element on the pieces for the first time.

In parallel, he began to take trips throughout all of Africa, which would continue throughout the next ten years, after acquiring with his mother, an inveterate traveler, a military vehicle known as a Mercedes Unimog. These and other non-touristic journeys through the rest of the continents would constitute a wellspring of ideas and values essential to his work.

In 2006, he finished his first solo conceptual art piece, a garden of giant flowers that was installed in the city of Valencia for the America’s Cup of Sailing, and which continues to illuminate the City of Porcelain every night. Simultaneously, through his art project Artedeclo, he was invited to display at the ARCO art fair in Madrid, in the years 2005, 2006, and 2007.

In 2008, he introduced the idea of Memorias Urbanas (urban memories), where the conducting wire is central to the idea. Memorias Urbanas projects focus on the value and recuperation of architectural elements or historical buildings that have been lost in the course of time. Among these are an outline of the Old City of Bucharest, the Royal Palace of Valencia, and the Bohemian Church of Bethlehem in Berlin.

From 2008, he has been based in Berlin, where he has his main Atelier, and in Madrid where he has second studio.

Latest Exhibits:

Efecto Magneta. Madrid. Solo exhibit in February/March 2009

Artendencias. International Festival of Visual Arts, Madrid. April/May 2009

Opening to the public of his studio in Berlin, Gallery Weekend, April 30/May 2 2010 with the project Bömisches Bethlehemskirche.

Pepe Pisa. Madrid. Solo exhibit in October 2010.

Currently he is working to put into effect a park of artistic installations on an island in the River Tajuña, located in the lost valley of La Alcarria, Guadalajara, Spain. It is his own project, based on an ancient mill, artistically reconverted.